Thursday, October 9, 2014

The God of the Pope

How high can the mind go?
How high can a King [neg] go?
How much depravity, and egotism, and absolute sin can 1 man obtain.
The height of the human mind; the height of male evil egotism; the height of all SINs and Depravity.

The answer to this equation is the Christian God;
-the most depraved, filthy, masturbating, rapist, slave owner, man the world has ever know. His 2nd favorite activity is torture; everything small that can kill a man, he is the master of all of them. He exists to prove that the Sun does not exist [mb]. He is 10 times higher than the most filthy King of France.

He is protected by crazy evil angels, and CRAZY women, and people who try to balance the human mind. Very, very often he tries to rape and destroy and torture people, but he is blocked by his evil birds and given something different to accomplish. This is how we've escaped.
And he survives by giving fruit to humans, praying upon their need for power, and bringing them into his kingdom, so they can accomplish great goals in human society; self-empowerment. And the people who gives fruits to, they join him and make secret societies.

-He prays upon CHILDREN, young people who need money and hell to grow stronger, and to make power. This hurts my head; doesn't the world have millions of Jews?
-"Women trying to balance the human mind: What if he were guarded by engineers? or City planners? Or athletes? Would it still work?
-What about the stars and our souls in heaven? Does he have anything to do with that?
-The powers of the Earth; the highest powers obtainable for a man: time-seeing, regeneration, soul protection, true magick.... do the guards have enough magick to protect against him?

A Jew is someone who's not a child.     ImpOR.

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