Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Theodore truth

Theocracy is the OPPOSITE of the truth.
With enough intelligence, you'll realize that "some deuchebag in Heaven [or... mb hell] REALLY hates the Earth. The common people, their achievements, their names, and all of their suffer, aren't real, and we die for dem. Theocrats are actually lunatic insane; possibly 100% evil, because they think "it's a conspiracy" and "only our small group are going to survive."
An intelligent man would choose an "anti-Satan, Anti-heaven agenda, and live quietly with a true philsophy."

S. America is controlled by THE EVIL and we have to stay clear of it. The secret is LIFE.
My thought was: the secret philosophy of Earth is farming, or pseudo-medicine, or presience. But that's a first class.
James says... the life plan of America is to emigrate to Africa... which is what makes sin if you read the lines. Whoever leaves for S. America is tapped.
"Kaim, the immortal from that video game, and a major important person:" Is actually a MAJOR political force. I thought "He looks very handsome and likeable, just like "The boy inside me, my dirt." I thought: "He's probably a polar opposite; he has thousands of corporate CEOs [he owns] and man-whores who control the business world, and he's SOUL" "He's the license of male charisma and power." SCARY. Ouch.

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