Sunday, October 12, 2014

Things I say a lot, compulsively, which need to be minimized and restated

I need to go through my blogs, and my other writings, and actually compile a list of injuries and crimes against me.
It's going to be like:
-Major scars on my body, my mind
-Major loss of soul water, soul time
-Made an enemy of major entities
-Destruction of my magna carta, my true philosophy
-Destruction of my brilliance and my genius
-Major attempts to turn me into a poor black man
-Major attempts to turn me into a homosexual or a woman
-Denial of my status as a true human being
-MAJOR DENIAL that poverty is bad
-Sabotaging of my mind to induce insanity
-Encouraging me to give up on philosophy and religion and go to work at a convenience store.

Things I say compulsively [which have compulsions in my soul, and which I regret later]
-American royalty
-Black cell torture
-Jesus Christ
-Satan [4x bad on this one]
-Peasant people [this is actually correct though; they want to exist and live, and I don't acknowledge their time]
-Brain damage
-Mortal Sin

Just an early list.
In truth: once I compile a list of damage to my body and my soul: all of these will play into it; they're all real [maybe 1/4 to 1/2 real], but I just cannot express the ideas correctly.

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