Sunday, October 12, 2014

Torture today: America absolute evil is leeching my heart, my soul; they are raping me; stockholme syndrome; I will file for refugee status immediately.

I renounced any love for "Jesus Christ,"
-Who is an Oathbreaker
-Whose honor was broken
-Whose soul exists in slavery, to the black torture and Satanic abomination of the United States
-Who has been known to enjoy peasant blood
-Who engages in mortal sin, and rapist food, for the benefit of American lies and totalitarian authority
-Who is the little bitch of the USA and an absolute rape doll

The Christian church is an abomination; literally a peasant church founded in Memory destruction, the trickery of magick, and the absolute hatred and filth of peasant children.
The truth is:
-A new country, a new religion.

The mortal sins, absolute hatred, black cells of USA, and Black torture of the USA go higher than this. My mind has been filled with garbage, and slavery, and filtht.
My religious experience was one of lunacy, and poor mind, and major sin; instead of something wonderful and helpful.

I have been LIED TO over 500,000 times, in convincing tones, by the USA absolute evil. The power of Satanic American capitalism, with a police state, trying to destroy my very soul absolutely.
I swear revenge.

Jesus Christ is an oathbreaker; the bitch of the USA authoritarian police state.
You shall never have my love ever again.

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