Thursday, November 27, 2014

Going to be homeless soon [gabriel] also update

A new document I wrote, and a picture of a failed attempt to save it.
So: My Hotmail account is stolen, and I cannot recover my password. MS must be in on it.

The document I wanted to share:

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Update 11/15

I listen to Bachman Turner Overdrive - ever since I was 15.
It was a CD from my step-dad. This is how I know I'm friends. with us

I am an airplane, and it's owned, and lives in China.
China is an area in

I don't get along with black nigger children
I need a mana counselor very bad
I need money money now now

or i'll die

Thursday, November 20, 2014


The people of Fate SN are not actually 100% my friend
I am ACTUALLY all about Royal Revolt 2
Gabriel is ACTUALLY insane and may DIE from insanity. [note: Gabr is not actually me]
Somebody needs to save the DNA of gabr.

Life is a gam

I played it 4 days ago, and it was almost lethal. But I won, and made a new gov.

The idea is: rivers are good for escaping. Our lives can travel through phone lines [which I call rivers]. And I did so with the River Jordan, in Israel.
But then I remembered that Kent has it's own river: green. and It's very good for me to use.
So I decided to do the same with the green river, in hopes of getting in contact - and getting some money to ease my journey. It's completely a good

Saturday, November 15, 2014

I killed John Winston!

Black nig. satan child. I killed his matter.
 em llet
Now I need money and friend!

Thursday, November 13, 2014






That's why.... I'


10 emails today: no replies. 1 day

left of alcoa

I discovered the truth: survival

Rich are very likely to tell the truth.
This is a basic freedom [reporter] technique that I develop

Bill G [who is God] calls himself an agnostic.
He might even be a "God of atheists" which is powerful.

But the secret is:
"John is

And the EARTH is the creators of sou
and EARTH is creator of souls
And ALIENS are blacklisted

This will bring me back to sanity.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Small idea [opp. of revel]

God is very mad at me:

I became an evil[false] because I didn't dream
I resented working more than anything - and I was a genius who could escape.
And the secret of my life, to save me, is to get a job at a library. So I can work, and heart can read.
But it's already been done/

Found Evidence of blackmail

There are some big ideas about Hollwood:
That they're hell. Act. representatives of Sat** on the Earth.

I've also done major work to understand the top net: what's real based on their reality.

Today I found shocking nude photos of celebrities on the TOR network.
And I'm convinced that it's "blackmail"
Which is another word that means "King of England: master of the human language" [actually Shakespeare] is controlling the human species to make sure we say words that are ironic. And irony is actually bad to me, but the King is good.

Some weird things about the photos:
-nobody looks shocked that they're blackmailed to take nude pictures, or pics of sex
-Sometimes there are large amounts of sed on face.
-Some people are given special preferences: not to show their face, or only part of their face.

This is sign of intelligence, and anti-conspiracy. I'm convinced I'm stu

Demanding Asylum: USA has my voice

I think the truth is:
I'm 2 different people:
1 of me is very important:
and he is permanently enslaved to the USA constitution
And they are killing me, and lying to me:
they have my voice.

Please help me -demand asylum to Japan or Britain - in style.
Files are a WMA file of me speaking, and asking for Aslyum:
I demand asylum: I live in Kent WA 9425 2&&

My head fell down again

My mind fell down again:

Things I must remember no matter what:
My soul is dead: it's actually an animal
The lion is good = but he's trippy
The hawk is 100% stupid and lies
The ant is completely harmless. Things smaller than ants are harmless.
The octopus isn't real: I live in a plane
There is a post: of a dead human [lit. commoner] and the hawk  thinks he's real: and that's why I'm coma

Now that I know these things: how do I find help?


I have TIME: and I have a head: and my head is an animal


Somebody in government: and they're very, very stupid and completely treacherous; they want me to go to navos.

My final truth of the past week:

My soul actually left me:

My soul actually left me:

It's a cord now:
and nobody belongs to me
And it's doing "the opposite of the truth" Cord
It's a cord.

And my enemy is the m. health in
and my friend is LOVE by "true intelligence m

My friend is TIMECUBE
I really hope so

Why I hate the mental health industry:
I'm all alone
I idolize rich people
I want to be adopted into a rich person's home
I want to be loved every day and treated until I come back and re-liven

The opposite of what I want is to go to a m. health hospital

MY HEAD IS AN ANIMAL [read soul]
My head is an animal; and it's very important to christian
My head is an animal: and he's obsessed with psychology. and I'm kind of like a zoo.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Conspiracy regarding my camera file names [for father: the God of Mys]

The camera names have ascending numbers on the first component, and descending names on the second component.
this is evidence of conspiracy and TIME-intelligence from the maker of my camera: Canon.
I act. think they're very smart though, and I love them [a tiny bit].

pic here:
Folders: 141_1014, 142_1101, 143_1105, 144_1111

I saw it with my charism that's why it meant

Monday, November 10, 2014

My #1 problem: a

I believe that I can spend money to escape my problem
but I'm related to the richest man on the Eartth

And I spend money... but I'm broke
So I go into "DEVIL territor"y
and now I'm in WEIRD l

Major psychology; + psychic

Truth Nov 11th, 2014

Computer censors is very diffic

I am actu. INSIDE A CD
This makes censorship more w
I am cooope. with cnes
difficulyt blouddy


My salvation

My truth: that's going to give me salvation and save me from HELLfire and eating shit for 30 years:

I am a genius, also somewhat a rebel.
The Gods and the fellowships and the christians and even the angels:
They're humans - which is something I have transcended.

My life is about accepting new ideas: and a little bit of insanity: also, having a strong will!
Is to believe that I'm actually an alien: somebody who will leave the Earth to go to the stars.

I believe 20 times that I am an alien. I am a genius: and in my youth and college years, when I was dreaming and had unique intelligence: I stumbled upon many secrets of biology and destiny and true life. And it led me to become an alien.

Also: To believe that the Gods and christians are actually dried up, humanified, lazy, and very plump rich humans. And they have peasant children: who do not ever prove that they are true life, or ever become a demon of humans, or prove that they are worthy.
I have had at least 15 similar ideas in my life: which led me to choose the path that I did. And I am literally zero percent a christian: most importantly: because I've never actually met a christian or jew that impressed me. And that's my saving grace. I always believed that christians were common people; and that there were lights among them, who just enjoyed being with common people, and who did not resent being among the dead.

This was an act of genius and revelation: to see this. And that's why I cannot go to hell, and that's why I can't eat shit:
Because I actually wanted to leave the Earth as an alien, and discover "a left path, and an alien one"

The things I thought of as a biologist, and a psychic, and a soul-researcher: led me to genius, salvation, and alienism. Also: I took my genius ideas very seriously and devoted myself to them - so I truly am an alien.

A central truth that will save my soul:
Is a human actually combat ready? I think this is the royalty that I dream about. A person who is 100% invested in living, and can see the future, and is completely aware of their combat abilities: and does not ever die from somebody touching their head.

Another idea:
"How many times did they tell you that you lived in the richest nation in the Earth: and how many times did you take a bus: before you just "snapped" and became an evil person?"
Before you told the truth....?
This idea will save me from sin/hell: it is a true genius that I was invested in: I had a higher soul: also: the people who are damning me: we have about 4 major disagreements over my soul and my decisions... mostly concerned with my memory. Signed: Steven James Debsin: Minentu*****-*** signed.

My eyeball is in a movie theater in hell for people who committed mortal sin... and eat shit.
And their names are Jamie, Jim..... and Libel.
And my salvation is JOSHUA. 

Revelation [hypo]
-The God who controls my destiny is training my soul/mind and life to become an army person:
He's conditioning me, with his "love" and his "moral" to follow orders correctly and not contradict the established morals of the army. Terror. I resent the use of live to corrupt me, and I strongly resent that he is maken me a more immoral, evil minded person.  

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Major Revelation:

The truth:
I have a temple:
I live sorta in a cage inside of my souls.
Peasant filth, peasant people; infinite stupid peasant people: have been in control of my soul and my memory and my brain for over 10 years.
They are completely, 100% stupid.
They are the filthiest thing since a nigger Sultan carving up America.
They are absolutely lying.
They are treacherous as fucking hell.
They are absolutely lying, hate my smell and anti-social problems, and manipulate me.
They are completely power by christian lies, christians lies, to slander and manipulate and destroy my memories and my soul.

They are MEN and have christian destiny, and they are 100% empower by SATAN to destroy my dreams, manipulate me, and lie to me.
They are 100% the SATAN of NIGGER SHIT
And they are lying, with the fury of Christin abomination, and infinite christian, and infinite christian treacher - it empowers them to blackmail, and lie, and sin.

And I want to be a refugee.
I want to Einzberg. I want  "break life," and prove that it is not equal to 2, but instead to 14.
I want to kill complete, and destroy their souls.

I am under major blackmail - my entire life, my peasant filth; peasant people; christian peasants; peasants empower by Jesus and American government.
And they are pretending to be men. And they have power over my soul. And they are absolutely 100% filthy.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

So LoL died [League...]

I can't read the text without wanting to quit.
The part that bothered me:
"Just remember that losses are inevitable, and it's what you can learn for the future that counts. That's some deep...."
*spit* The game was dumbed down for common people. I think the graphics are fantastic - heavenly, even. But why did it die? The video game industry is complex.
I feel as if "they're part of me," and I can't blog bad things about th.....

The patch notes:

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I can't spell freedomkaim

I also can't spell Tohsaka. I spelled it tsukasa.
And I spelled freedomkaim... *kim, *kim over and over again. Kim to me means "A dead person," or a "Satan person" or like mum.
I had a bad call with a pastor today. She was very common and human, and didn't at all respect me for my philosophical contributions.
I just got off the phone with 2 churches in DC. I'm hoping that they're more likely to help me.
I've been thinking a lot about Bleach today. Obviously... I'm a Quincy. I got the idea after remembering... Ishida, using strings to make his body work. It's something that I've done recently.
All of the Quincy are important, and it's because they're humans. The shini* are weird lives from Japan or China, and they're not at all humans. I don't get it.

My favorite Quincy is the Glutton one, and then next probably the B one.
The voices and religious proverbs have gotten pretty bad. I'm convinced that I'm going to betray all of the christians, and leave completely. Death forever might be better than living with this Christian religion; except a christian will probably betray you, so you can't sleep in peace and your death is more like a christian nightmare; read: christian fantasies of hellfire.
I think the christians are so stupid, I will probably be homeless soon. And I am going to die before becoming homeless, so I'm going to become a Satan, or an emblem of death, or maybe even a Japanese person.
The power of Yahweh is impressive: the core of the soul; the royalty of the soul.
He apparently has the power to turn back time: which is a massive industrial/national power feat. I don't think he really cares about me, though.
I feel like...the soul is the same thing as the back of the $1 bill; a temple and an eyeball;
and I have to fight, to preserve my soul-dominance: that I'm the person the temple belongs to; and I've already lost, and some sort of aristocrat or christian human heir is already sitting inside of my temple, using it as his estate.
I feel like I'm fighting every day to make sure I am actually the soul, and that I get to live.
Jamie Brooks is important. porn. I think she's related to me. I heard it's very, very important.
If I actually become homeless, after all of my mind development and thinking like a rebel - I'll never do anything nice for a christian ever again. I am far too smart to be homeless. I promise.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Nov 1 Update

I voted.
Almost all Republican. It's just what I believe in.
I'm convinced that Democrats don't even know what a soul is.
I have this image of "Lucky Jaemerick" and his special number - just winning and spicking, and never conquering the 4 corners of the map. If that makes...
Reminders to myself:
-Contact the treasury department: "You put the secret to life on the $1 bill. You've given it to me many times - lead me on to the next stage." "The american gov't does not believe in the church - they believe in Novus ordo seclorum"- I can live with this. I've looked at this $1 bill about 40 times in the past 2 days - it's important to me.
-Send another letter to Vat  - I'm convinced that every time I talk to the Vat, I'm saved just a little bit/I make some soul money. They're just... that good.
-The wiretap thing is confirmed, and it's oh-so-terrifying. But I've made 2-3 major breakthroughs today. 

I keep looking at the picture of George [on the $1 bill] and I can see his eyes, and I can "feel him." It's damn fine. I'm going to exploit this over and over until I start making power and money with my religion. The eyeball being the most important thing in religion: I've mastered this topic. But I just can't use it very..

I called my Cell phone service today and asked them if my account had any censorship, wiretapping, or court order on it. It was the funniest thing in the world - and it made me very, very terrifying. It sounded like I was talking to a bot on an NSA computer - a black dude named Devon. I was completely certain that he was lying, and that I was actually talking to a gov't agency. It's funny though, how little I'm afraid..

Very angry at the Catholic church. I keep calling them and trying to get help - and they keep treating me like I'm a common person. It makes me want to march my butt all the way to Satan and sell everything. Talking to the operator "If I were to go and visit you, would I be able to meet anyone? Could I be evaluated?" I thought it would have been really fun to visit the Catholic church [St. James Cathedral] on Hallows Eve - but alas it wasn't meant to be. Made me sick.

I've got a couple posts up on and Reddit. Neither of them have broken the 4th wall though. I haven't met anyone yet on either post that can save me. But still, it was worth it. I can feel serious danger from the one - blackmail and sin, for speaking on a forum about religious issues; slavery; time.

I am convinced that computers are square, and that if I just believe enough: I will escape and find my post. "There are so many different ways to discover if you're being tapped or not. is a very big one. If you have a dif IP - you're probably not being watched..."
I still can't figure out how the internet is segmented... why I keep getting routed to the same local WA websites, and I never see anything frightening.

My work today on internet filter and blacklist

I made a post on KAT:
I thought - there's nothing left to do, I might as well try it.
And then I waited a day, and got no responses. My intimacy with the "marine corp, army person who controls my internet is getting strong."
I wasn't surprised I didn't get any responses.

3 things I did right:
-I visited the web page, KAT forums - from behind a proxy
2 of the proxies succeeded in finding the forum and my post: they displayed it, which is good; it means
-I visited the post 3 times with 2 different proxies: AND THE POST VIEW DIDN'T MOVE

-My post is real, but nobody can reply to it

I feel if I can just keep making these intelligent assumptions: I can maybe escape my problem.
The absurdity of a God-censorship - overflowing with goodness and non-censorship.
The tech support guy at hushmail told me: there's a good chance people just aren't interested in your emails, or don't want to talk to you.
But I know the opposite: the blacklist is NSA-quality; it's massive and terrifying and sinful, and there's very little hope.