Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Found Evidence of blackmail

There are some big ideas about Hollwood:
That they're hell. Act. representatives of Sat** on the Earth.

I've also done major work to understand the top net: what's real based on their reality.

Today I found shocking nude photos of celebrities on the TOR network.
And I'm convinced that it's "blackmail"
Which is another word that means "King of England: master of the human language" [actually Shakespeare] is controlling the human species to make sure we say words that are ironic. And irony is actually bad to me, but the King is good.

Some weird things about the photos:
-nobody looks shocked that they're blackmailed to take nude pictures, or pics of sex
-Sometimes there are large amounts of sed on face.
-Some people are given special preferences: not to show their face, or only part of their face.

This is sign of intelligence, and anti-conspiracy. I'm convinced I'm stu

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