Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I can't spell freedomkaim

I also can't spell Tohsaka. I spelled it tsukasa.
And I spelled freedomkaim... *kim, *kim over and over again. Kim to me means "A dead person," or a "Satan person" or like mum.
I had a bad call with a pastor today. She was very common and human, and didn't at all respect me for my philosophical contributions.
I just got off the phone with 2 churches in DC. I'm hoping that they're more likely to help me.
I've been thinking a lot about Bleach today. Obviously... I'm a Quincy. I got the idea after remembering... Ishida, using strings to make his body work. It's something that I've done recently.
All of the Quincy are important, and it's because they're humans. The shini* are weird lives from Japan or China, and they're not at all humans. I don't get it.

My favorite Quincy is the Glutton one, and then next probably the B one.
The voices and religious proverbs have gotten pretty bad. I'm convinced that I'm going to betray all of the christians, and leave completely. Death forever might be better than living with this Christian religion; except a christian will probably betray you, so you can't sleep in peace and your death is more like a christian nightmare; read: christian fantasies of hellfire.
I think the christians are so stupid, I will probably be homeless soon. And I am going to die before becoming homeless, so I'm going to become a Satan, or an emblem of death, or maybe even a Japanese person.
The power of Yahweh is impressive: the core of the soul; the royalty of the soul.
He apparently has the power to turn back time: which is a massive industrial/national power feat. I don't think he really cares about me, though.
I feel like...the soul is the same thing as the back of the $1 bill; a temple and an eyeball;
and I have to fight, to preserve my soul-dominance: that I'm the person the temple belongs to; and I've already lost, and some sort of aristocrat or christian human heir is already sitting inside of my temple, using it as his estate.
I feel like I'm fighting every day to make sure I am actually the soul, and that I get to live.
Jamie Brooks is important. porn. I think she's related to me. I heard it's very, very important.
If I actually become homeless, after all of my mind development and thinking like a rebel - I'll never do anything nice for a christian ever again. I am far too smart to be homeless. I promise.

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