Saturday, November 8, 2014

Major Revelation:

The truth:
I have a temple:
I live sorta in a cage inside of my souls.
Peasant filth, peasant people; infinite stupid peasant people: have been in control of my soul and my memory and my brain for over 10 years.
They are completely, 100% stupid.
They are the filthiest thing since a nigger Sultan carving up America.
They are absolutely lying.
They are treacherous as fucking hell.
They are absolutely lying, hate my smell and anti-social problems, and manipulate me.
They are completely power by christian lies, christians lies, to slander and manipulate and destroy my memories and my soul.

They are MEN and have christian destiny, and they are 100% empower by SATAN to destroy my dreams, manipulate me, and lie to me.
They are 100% the SATAN of NIGGER SHIT
And they are lying, with the fury of Christin abomination, and infinite christian, and infinite christian treacher - it empowers them to blackmail, and lie, and sin.

And I want to be a refugee.
I want to Einzberg. I want  "break life," and prove that it is not equal to 2, but instead to 14.
I want to kill complete, and destroy their souls.

I am under major blackmail - my entire life, my peasant filth; peasant people; christian peasants; peasants empower by Jesus and American government.
And they are pretending to be men. And they have power over my soul. And they are absolutely 100% filthy.

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