Wednesday, November 12, 2014

My final truth of the past week:

My soul actually left me:

My soul actually left me:

It's a cord now:
and nobody belongs to me
And it's doing "the opposite of the truth" Cord
It's a cord.

And my enemy is the m. health in
and my friend is LOVE by "true intelligence m

My friend is TIMECUBE
I really hope so

Why I hate the mental health industry:
I'm all alone
I idolize rich people
I want to be adopted into a rich person's home
I want to be loved every day and treated until I come back and re-liven

The opposite of what I want is to go to a m. health hospital

MY HEAD IS AN ANIMAL [read soul]
My head is an animal; and it's very important to christian
My head is an animal: and he's obsessed with psychology. and I'm kind of like a zoo.

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