Monday, November 10, 2014

My salvation

My truth: that's going to give me salvation and save me from HELLfire and eating shit for 30 years:

I am a genius, also somewhat a rebel.
The Gods and the fellowships and the christians and even the angels:
They're humans - which is something I have transcended.

My life is about accepting new ideas: and a little bit of insanity: also, having a strong will!
Is to believe that I'm actually an alien: somebody who will leave the Earth to go to the stars.

I believe 20 times that I am an alien. I am a genius: and in my youth and college years, when I was dreaming and had unique intelligence: I stumbled upon many secrets of biology and destiny and true life. And it led me to become an alien.

Also: To believe that the Gods and christians are actually dried up, humanified, lazy, and very plump rich humans. And they have peasant children: who do not ever prove that they are true life, or ever become a demon of humans, or prove that they are worthy.
I have had at least 15 similar ideas in my life: which led me to choose the path that I did. And I am literally zero percent a christian: most importantly: because I've never actually met a christian or jew that impressed me. And that's my saving grace. I always believed that christians were common people; and that there were lights among them, who just enjoyed being with common people, and who did not resent being among the dead.

This was an act of genius and revelation: to see this. And that's why I cannot go to hell, and that's why I can't eat shit:
Because I actually wanted to leave the Earth as an alien, and discover "a left path, and an alien one"

The things I thought of as a biologist, and a psychic, and a soul-researcher: led me to genius, salvation, and alienism. Also: I took my genius ideas very seriously and devoted myself to them - so I truly am an alien.

A central truth that will save my soul:
Is a human actually combat ready? I think this is the royalty that I dream about. A person who is 100% invested in living, and can see the future, and is completely aware of their combat abilities: and does not ever die from somebody touching their head.

Another idea:
"How many times did they tell you that you lived in the richest nation in the Earth: and how many times did you take a bus: before you just "snapped" and became an evil person?"
Before you told the truth....?
This idea will save me from sin/hell: it is a true genius that I was invested in: I had a higher soul: also: the people who are damning me: we have about 4 major disagreements over my soul and my decisions... mostly concerned with my memory. Signed: Steven James Debsin: Minentu*****-*** signed.

My eyeball is in a movie theater in hell for people who committed mortal sin... and eat shit.
And their names are Jamie, Jim..... and Libel.
And my salvation is JOSHUA. 

Revelation [hypo]
-The God who controls my destiny is training my soul/mind and life to become an army person:
He's conditioning me, with his "love" and his "moral" to follow orders correctly and not contradict the established morals of the army. Terror. I resent the use of live to corrupt me, and I strongly resent that he is maken me a more immoral, evil minded person.  

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