Saturday, November 1, 2014

My work today on internet filter and blacklist

I made a post on KAT:
I thought - there's nothing left to do, I might as well try it.
And then I waited a day, and got no responses. My intimacy with the "marine corp, army person who controls my internet is getting strong."
I wasn't surprised I didn't get any responses.

3 things I did right:
-I visited the web page, KAT forums - from behind a proxy
2 of the proxies succeeded in finding the forum and my post: they displayed it, which is good; it means
-I visited the post 3 times with 2 different proxies: AND THE POST VIEW DIDN'T MOVE

-My post is real, but nobody can reply to it

I feel if I can just keep making these intelligent assumptions: I can maybe escape my problem.
The absurdity of a God-censorship - overflowing with goodness and non-censorship.
The tech support guy at hushmail told me: there's a good chance people just aren't interested in your emails, or don't want to talk to you.
But I know the opposite: the blacklist is NSA-quality; it's massive and terrifying and sinful, and there's very little hope.

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