Saturday, November 1, 2014

Nov 1 Update

I voted.
Almost all Republican. It's just what I believe in.
I'm convinced that Democrats don't even know what a soul is.
I have this image of "Lucky Jaemerick" and his special number - just winning and spicking, and never conquering the 4 corners of the map. If that makes...
Reminders to myself:
-Contact the treasury department: "You put the secret to life on the $1 bill. You've given it to me many times - lead me on to the next stage." "The american gov't does not believe in the church - they believe in Novus ordo seclorum"- I can live with this. I've looked at this $1 bill about 40 times in the past 2 days - it's important to me.
-Send another letter to Vat  - I'm convinced that every time I talk to the Vat, I'm saved just a little bit/I make some soul money. They're just... that good.
-The wiretap thing is confirmed, and it's oh-so-terrifying. But I've made 2-3 major breakthroughs today. 

I keep looking at the picture of George [on the $1 bill] and I can see his eyes, and I can "feel him." It's damn fine. I'm going to exploit this over and over until I start making power and money with my religion. The eyeball being the most important thing in religion: I've mastered this topic. But I just can't use it very..

I called my Cell phone service today and asked them if my account had any censorship, wiretapping, or court order on it. It was the funniest thing in the world - and it made me very, very terrifying. It sounded like I was talking to a bot on an NSA computer - a black dude named Devon. I was completely certain that he was lying, and that I was actually talking to a gov't agency. It's funny though, how little I'm afraid..

Very angry at the Catholic church. I keep calling them and trying to get help - and they keep treating me like I'm a common person. It makes me want to march my butt all the way to Satan and sell everything. Talking to the operator "If I were to go and visit you, would I be able to meet anyone? Could I be evaluated?" I thought it would have been really fun to visit the Catholic church [St. James Cathedral] on Hallows Eve - but alas it wasn't meant to be. Made me sick.

I've got a couple posts up on and Reddit. Neither of them have broken the 4th wall though. I haven't met anyone yet on either post that can save me. But still, it was worth it. I can feel serious danger from the one - blackmail and sin, for speaking on a forum about religious issues; slavery; time.

I am convinced that computers are square, and that if I just believe enough: I will escape and find my post. "There are so many different ways to discover if you're being tapped or not. is a very big one. If you have a dif IP - you're probably not being watched..."
I still can't figure out how the internet is segmented... why I keep getting routed to the same local WA websites, and I never see anything frightening.

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