Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Gene warfare Update 10/9/2014

Going all the way back to the pyramids of Egypt.

Warlike truth:
A scientist gene farmer is a free person. Somebody who has seen "the machine" and freed herself and risen.

A christian is a zero percent intelligent person; somebody who goes to the next life with nothing with air.

I was captured and soul trapped when I was 19 years old: and they lied about my birth and my philosophical achievements and CD. And they also exaggerated and increased my fear of the American machine government.

They also lied about my name and the name of my soul, and my belief in royalty idealism.
The men who tortured me are American royalty pen, and are literally absolutely evil, and have destroyed all of my truth and philosophy, and exposed me to serious literal torture, death, and gene destruction.

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