Friday, December 12, 2014

Hen slavery AND brain death committs to slavery in the new world order

The hen want me to fail at life,
and fall into an EGG
and be reborn into a world of 100% slavery
and serve something - most likely common people or EVIL
and lost my TIME and my destiny

And that is 100% the opposite of what I will do.

I am intelligent and my memory is good:
Parts of my philosophy and memory have been overwritten and falsified by the God of mysteries.
Especially "big money ideas" of liberation and TIME.

But I will survive and I will become a true angel, like the angel of time. And I will destroy all of these plants and abstractions.

"The men keep saying: 100% evil is the truth."
And I say:
"Space flight"
"We live upon the time of enormous human progress and civilization, which is zero percent evil: therefore becoming 100% evil is actually a massive act of christianity: I mean lunacy, EVIL.

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