Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My rejection of [small] /life/: the truth of my beliefs and my soul [America has lied]

Life vs soul

The most important thing to me in the world is supernatural angel heaven [That I have seen in my head, with revelation]
In which I am a God dressed in white
I have a Queen who is pink haired and 100% smart
and I am protected and served by angels who are supernatural

And I have supernatural truth and intelligence and I control the world
and I see many thousands of people who have already died and lived in supernatural heaven: and continued on with supernatural health in heaven
And I am completely real and good
And I reject life 100%
and I reject McD 100%
and I reject common people 100%
And I promise: I am good enough to be English [Britannian] royalty
and I promise: I am 0% common and I reject /life/ and I reject common people

And I promise there are only 900,000 souls [about] in the world: and they are the only thing which is important
and there are billions of common bodies in the world, and they are zero percent important.

I reject life for souls
I reject America for truth
I reject the 21st century for angel truth

I am a soul and I am not a peasant and I reject life
And America is lying 100% about my soul and my life and my memories.

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