Friday, December 12, 2014

Opposite of "News Flash"

M. Health people keep coming to my house. Family is still falsifying charges against me - lying.
I have no attorney and no help. Catholics actually believe I'm insane and God ain't real.
Was sleeping in my car around town, hiding.
1st time this morning 10am was interrupted by home-owner, who saw me sleeping and came to my car and knocked on my windows and tried to open my doors. I was terrified this was the 1st time anyone has seen me. Then he said he wrote down my license plate and I drove away to a much better hiding location.

2pm: Police car found me, in a hidden location. I was terrified and stunned and broken. Wasn't sure if he was a resident of the local neighborhood or somehow tracking me.
Almost completely certain he was tracking me, and the high-grade security of the state of WA found me, even though nobody found me by camera. "Invisible people."
Police guy said "a report came in that you let somebody out of your car" which seemed really fishy to me, like a code word or something.
I told him I was in a fight with my roommate and left. I am completely convinced that I'm dead and that the dead people/invisible people are torturing me to no end. I didn't get arrested today, but things are getting retarded. I went home around 2:20pm and finished watching a movie: the desolation of smaug. LOTR.

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