Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Something weird in "The Avengers"

I'm still combing through Hollywood to determine realism and truth.
The previous movie I watched was "Edge of Tomorrow" and I completely believe it's true that the army is filled with sin and lies, and it's lethal. The sins of humans and men and lying will destroy the world, and I'm not safe.
The common people literally know absolutely nothing about truth: my truth: how many souls/people there are in the world and the monster and liar of the Earth that controls common people.
I feel very strongly as if "my guardian angel" or "my god" wants me to feel torment and suffering and pain, so I can "graduate from" Earth.
This scene: CLONES IN THE AVENGERS: 2 identical white men, and 2 identical black men. Signs of cloning in the Marvel World.

Another sign of idiocy in the Marvel world: Iron man clears a pathway to the turbine so he can heal it, but he could have just flown over the wreckage and gone into the Turbine. Am I the only one....??

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