Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The torture of my brain and soul

Most of my life is about the 1st and 2nd hells:
The things that I don't in any way understand:

-How many lifes we live
-Reincarnation into a peasant body
-How common people and other bodies control your brain

God Christian is 100% evil, a nigger, a liar, and an oathbreaker
And she takes advantage of me by making my fears of those 3 things much, much greater: and by torturing me for not understanding.

God is a nigger and a liar, the destroyer of matter, and the falsifier of truth. God believes that truth is an essence and it can be removed and altered just like other essences: like hellfire.
I have gene weakness, and my time/soul is messed up: and God christian the abomination massively takes advantage of me to increase these, and to make me brain dead, and to destroy me for my gene weakness.
God Christian is the absolute evil of the world.

God has committed unforgivable crimes against my soul, my memory, my matter, and my truth:
and I declare there is not 1 intelligent man in the world: because they would see inside of my head, my soul in it's head and room, and all of the insanity of what is going on: and they would see that it is getting progressively worse over and over again: and that it is becoming insane, and that God christian is resorting to worse and worse acts of cruelty, lying, and torture. and God christian is a rapist, and an absolute liar, and a lesbian, and an absolute cruelty of humiliation and lying.
Sometimes I think about Lucifer: or satan:
"A man who is zero percent stupid. Who will count how many years you've lived, and all of the currency that you've accumulated, and how many scars you've accumulated."
And the devil counts the truth and discovers: American lied 50,000 times:
and then they made you lie 10,000 times; and then they falsified your name; and then they gave you drugs and gave you a false life as a common man who is happy; and then they made it permanent. America is 100% evil and they are 100% absolutely evil: and they exist to falsify truth and to destroy matter, and to create drugs.
And I cannot understand the 3 things:
and I don't believe that God is good
and I don't believe we can trust God
and I believe that God is a liar and an oathbreaker.

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