Thursday, January 15, 2015

1 Conspiracy, 2 events today

I was using a virtual machine, and a proxy to bypass the certain web filtering that exists on my name and computer. But it looks like they found me, anyway.
It's a major power: they have website permissions on this international site, so that the results that I viewed were doctored.
1) Chiara [last name] and Bill G [email address]
The first person I viewed was an attractive girl, whose name is Chiara, and whose email address is Bill.
-My second last name is Chiara, and I'm very fascinated by the history of that part of my family
-I had just sent an envelope privately to Bill G today, and it just so happens the person I messaged has an email address with Bill inside of it. WAY TOO COINCIDENTAL.
2) Iconic email address and love of Japan [from Italy]
-The 2nd man, his main feature was that he has one of the most ironic and common email addresses in the whole world. I don't know the secret to this one. 2 Ideas:
  -The Italian government creates this person as a candidate of the average Italian man, and presents him to the world.
  -He's a stock internet person
  -His email address is LARGE, and SHARED and he's one of thousands of people who use it
-His love of Japan is very coincidental: I have gotten into major trouble for my fascination with Japan. An Italian man loving Japan is almost entirely impossible.
I keep revealing these posts and secrets because that's my NAME: truth-teller.

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