Thursday, January 8, 2015

2 new conspiracies today [need a better word]

1) Jezebel on kinja

2) A hentai porn website popup came and proved to me that:
-The internet is a very small place
-The hentai websites that I view are internationally famous
-The popup was targeting me with websites I've already seen

The website:

And the 2 websites that I visit:
--- well you get it. This is the circle I've been reading, after I started on "theKnightshinesbright" blogspot, and got interested.

It might even be a mass-produced website by a supercomputer meant just for my small zip code.
I have 2 different bypass browsers/proxies and yet I still get the same results: so I assume that the massive super-intelligence of the internet is actually higher than my ability to escape censorship/filtering.

3) Jessica Nigri showed up on my Youtube video, but she wasn't credited:  at 1:50
This made me believe that.....
-"there is a finite amount of people who are shown on television, and internet television, and celebrity lists" and
-nearly everybody is in on it.
Of course, I love Jessica Nigri. That girl is hot - although she is a little dumb.

To an angel, that actually means something good: consensus usually equals goodness. Because that is the structure of the world.
But my life directly contradicts that. 100%.

A couple times in the past two days:
I've made work unraveling the reality, and attempted to line it up:
-I have no ability to remove the information from my brain and to align with truth
-I have no power, whatsoever.
-I am losing "the truth," and "the brain stem" and "my soul identity" as St Br and that my existence proves my story correct.

Most importantly, as I think about the ideas that I care about:
-I feel as if my intelligence is completely substandard
-I feel as if "the God of time" will not in any way give me the benefit of the doubt or treat me fairly.
-My mind is completely alienated from other people and I can no longer understand.... if I will be able to speak with other people and share coherent thoughts.
If my soul exists in many pieces:
-And I am correct in my prediction of the future: that I will live for 20 or more years alone, and progressively less smart, and become a loon
-My soul exists elsewhere, and I am meeting people and they are making with me
But they don't see the true me: they are content in meeting and judging a false me, and giving him names, and lying.
They are lying.

Something I've been working on:
-The soul-society website of people who believe "the soul race is tiny and protected" and the "common people are hostile to our race and our royalty and our gods."
I've been browsing through Alexa directories, and Galaxy directories, and even TOR directories for anything that has some MONEY IN IT but I cannot breach.
-I've made some posts recently about souls and religion and found zero intelligent responses, and pre-planned diversions.
Jamie says that...
"Your soul of insanity and torment and death" is going on completely unnoticed: but major changes are happening to the world: and I'm in it. "they definitely know about you." "It might even be that: major changes are coming are for you, and that the world is already passing you by."
In contradiction:
I used to think that "Seattle Skyskrapers" had billionaires in them, and that a billionaire could have an entire floor to himself, or more, and have custom engineered patterns, and live massively.
I saw a billionaire-me living in an engineering room: marveling at toys designed to motivate and expand the mind: and describe our role in the world: operating with major intelligence. That was me: a man of 100% intelligence who kept himself sharp.
But looking at the skyscrapers, and pulling up their plans and residency, I didn't see any sign of that at all.. Maybe there isn't anything intelligent at all in Seattle, and I'm the only person who actually would kill a ** to make a purple city.
this idea of a purple city, I've elaborated on many times, and it exists inside my brain.

"Society of free thinkers."

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