Thursday, January 1, 2015

An insect or god is eating my left leg, right below the penis

It's eating my left leg, and draining my soul-fluid and life-fluid and tasting my soul.
It is neurally attached to my brain or my soul: and reacts instantly and immediately to my attempts to block it and protect myself.

The demon/god is inside of my brain and soul and is extremely offensive and dominant:
primary ideas that it finds very offensive:
-that there are less than 1M souls/people in the world, and that I am among them
-that I am a man and I can defend myself

I find my voice becoming extremely weak and feminine, and also non-existant: this insect/demon is christian in origin and is trying to destroy my soul entirely and end my life.
The hatred for my person and my life is christian in origin: and it comes from christian men denying my philosophical achievements and my rights to an attorney.

The fact that I have asked for help from so many people and not received any has to be important.

This demon has tortured my left leg
-peeled back the skin of my leg to get inside
-tortured my penis and turned it into a feminine part with razor knifes
-Reached my heart with his tentacles and depleted the strength of my heart.
-He knows exactly where to strike to most offend me, and is very quick

The name of the game is LOSS, RAPE, TORTURE, and DOMINANCE
the demon is christian in origin and it is doing everything to maximize my loss and the rape done to my mind.
I need immediate help from a soul-expert or an angel; and absolutely no attention from the peasant people hospitals or mental health industries.

I feel as if "my brain has developed very strongly, but there are lots of words that I cannot say and lots of ideas that I cannot express" and this bug/demon is 100% involved with those points. He is feminizing me and preventing me from achieving dominance and individuality and to understand how to work in the world.

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