Friday, January 23, 2015

I lost the fight

There is now a second personality: at the top of my brain, controlling me and winning 100%.

It is of a man -- a dominant, scary, idiotic man who does not ever listen to me and is destroying my memories and destroying my brain.

At least 50 times in the past 2 days: he has literally tried to eat my soul, to eat my blood, to eat my muscle, to eat my fiber, to eat my true life.

I feel as if the God christian has been inside of me and has protected this man, and that I'm  doomed: because of too many people who hate me, and nobody who lives to protect me.

The situation is like Hell: The man is a robot [ he calls himself a gene] and he literally believes that he is me: he also believes that I was born a girl -- it's 4 times worse than that. He is inside of my soul, using my own muscles against me until I die -- he is very abusive and must have been designed.
He reminds me of a man  that I've seen in heaven or hell: a man that lives in heaven and has a strong personality: but never really loses at everything..

--To all my friends: I have lost my free will --I have lost my ability to escape my situation -- I am losing true life, memories, truth, and angel blood every day now, because this man is eating me. He is also incriminating me, and increasing my likelihood of losing my immortal soul and my kingdom in heaven, and reincarnating as a poor man or a girl.

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  1. Please don't give up, My Friend! Sending love, light, and good intentions.