Thursday, January 15, 2015

Jan 15th: new ideas 1

-Looking for emergency help from ANGELS or the World of TRUTH and TIME
-Looking for wealth and people who know "the secret truth: of finite souls and exclusive health."
-Zero percent interested in hospitals, ambulances, or police.

I hear voices: sometimes 8 hours a day. I have lots of energy and I never get tired of hearing voices, and I never stop talking to them. They talk forever, kind of like a tape that never quits, and my mind exists secondary to the voices.
This has been going on for nearly 4 years:
-There are different modes: sometimes it's educational from friends, sometimes it's completely hostile, sometimes it's nonsensical, sometimes I am confronted by other people who have completely different opinions than me and are hostile.
-I feel like my brain has almost no function and cannot assist me in fighting the voices: I look to my heart to beat faster to give me more strength.
-I feel like my soul has been removed from my brain and now it operates in a chamber outside of my brain: and something enslaved has entered my brain to control it.
-The voices give me energy so that my brain never shuts down, and I also listen.
-It's like "the voices are a signal and my brain is a tape recorder." The voices are very insulting and I don't want to remember them.
-The voices seem to have access to all of my memories
-The voices are accusing me of crimes: weakness, gene failure, and trouble
-The voices have very intelligent ideas: but nothing they've ever said has been the truth: mostly they've been "ideas that exist inside of me, where the truth has been removed from them."
-The voices, over time and over time: have destroyed my memory and my truth, and falsified my head until I no longer have any intelligent opinions: that may be the primary purpose of them.
-A new idea I've had: a major part of my personality: "my ability to fight for my right, and to defend myself" has been removed from me, and exists upside down as an opposite: and it fights me every single day.

Accompany the voices is a "HAND" or "DEMON" that is completely synchronized with me, and usually tortures me whenever I make any progress of what the truth is, or if I leak any secrets, or if I talk about the demon that exists inside of me. It can hear my inner voice: it can read my thoughts, and it is extremely horrific and insulting: the demon is born of christian churches and major intolerance and christian bigotry towards truth.
The demon and hand primarily attack my penis, my left leg below the penis, and the area under my penis, where it very often tries to cut a hole in me until I have a vagina shaped hole between my legs.

***If I make a breakthrough on any of these issues: I will be free and capable of leaving my torment. The god and government tormenting me certainly won't be able to follow me if I leave the country.***

3 major breakthroughs that can save my life, and help me escape my life of slavery and horror.
-Finding a real angel that has money and life and can adopt me
-Getting a major source of funding [recognition of my deeds] and being able to leave the country
-Discovering WHERE souls exist, and who has the power to talk to you in your head, and if the souls are inside a structure or building, or if they live in "supernatural structures of heaven and God."

Finding the "real world" of exclusive life and true culture and big money:
"we're tired of talking to common people, who have nothing important to say." "You, a true blood: have many important things to say."
"It's a primary goal of life to protect true life and souls, and to organize them in a system of life and love and truth: we've been searching for you your whole life."

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