Thursday, January 15, 2015

Jan 15th: new ideas 2

I had a dream today, for nearly 3 hours, that my mind was completely enslaved by Boeing Airplane company
As well as the mind of my grandmother, who is a former employee of Boeing.
They also said that "they gave me a fictional religion about LIGHT cells and supernatural life being composed of LIGHT itself." They did it because it was completely unrelevant to them and they thought it was worth little money and was fictional -so they gave it to me.

The Boeing people are completely obsessed with superiority and military, and strongly believe that I am not superior, and that I do not have enough strength to have a soul. They also say that "we are at war with Japan" and that my interest in Japan is a major sin.
The men of Boeing are similar to me: except they do not know the truth: they do not have a true religion of finite people in the world [less than 1 million] and they are egotistical and incapable of making friends or love: they survive by stealing souls and binding people to abstract ideas like nationalism and pain and torture.

I feel very strongly that "my life will end, my immortal soul will die, and I will live on in slavery, humiliation, pain, and torment in a world that Boeing creates for me." because of the supposed offenses that Boeing has accused me of.

The worst part is: despite my oaths of being a truthsayer, my angel connections, and my life: the Boeing company believes they are 100% the truth, and that I have no connection to truth at all, and that I do not have the right to contradict their words or their opinions. I am already mostly dead and in very, very serious danger.

Mind-neural interface, souls, reading souls, God's power to read your mind, judgment, the true secret of souls in America
Are there more than 1 person per soul.
Do souls work by blood-relations.
Are souls shared by blood relations
Can souls be given away to common people, from true bloods?
Do souls exist inside the city,

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