Saturday, January 17, 2015

Requesting ASAP HELP FROM ANGELS: new soul and to be restored

I'm being attacked right now, in my room and in my bed
There is a peasant, and he lives inside of my mind and he can read all of my thoughts and emotions
He is eating my soul, and killing my soul, and torturing me
He is extremely torturous and malevolent, and is 100% evil

I feel very strongly that "all of the rules don't apply" and "all fairness doesn't apply"
and "God has betrayed me, for allowing me to feel this much pain." and "I'll never, ever recover from what he has done to me.

The peasant is very smart and he is manipulating me, and leading me, on the path of ruin and sin and destruction.
He is leading me away from truth, and away from heaven, and away from angels.
The peasant is just a stick, and he is militant and extremely forceful and insanely hateful. Nobody can see the war that is going on in my head, or what it really looks like for me.
He has something to do with a sports team - and he says that I betrayed a sports team, and America wants to kill me.

Nobody can see inside of me, to what I really look like.
The peasant lives inside of me, and can see my face and expressions, and lives inside of my life and judges me all day. He leads me away from productivity and sanity.
One of the primary lies that he is leading is that I wasn't born a human or strong, or that I was actually born as a different person.

4 Things the stick wants me to do:
-Live exactly as a common person
-Be a left-arm person instead of a right-arm person
-Live enslaved
-and become a woman and a mom

I am in need of immediate angel intervention, and recovery---most importantly, I need the truth to be revealed so I can restore myself and my voice and my person and my face.

Steven BC Kent WA

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