Monday, January 5, 2015

State of Decay - a mistake

100% propaganda garbage.
I can't believe I bought it and played it and didn't realize that it was American propaganda.
More torture coming my way.
God has forsaken me, and the exact situation of my life is 100% unknown: most likely lethal.

I feel very, very strongly that:
1) common people control my soul, and they know that I have extreme anti-peasant viewpoints, and they are torturing me
2) The christians control my soul; same situation
3) The God of Christian controls me, and he does not believe that I am a man, or that my pain is real, or that I have the same rights as another man born wealthy. He looks at my soul: a man, a blood, a diamond, a ring: and he doesn't care about the man and the pain and the time: he only cares about the parts that he can own and control.

I feel like "my soul is owned and enslaved by another person," and they are zero percent good and are willing to kill me completely to ensure the profit of their slavery scheme. I feel like "they have seen all of my truths and words and have humiliated me completely so that everything I've done is owned by her."
time is the opposite
lady is the truth
God has told me that "gene strength is very, very important: and I need to work on that."
If my gene fails, I will die completely and my soul will be given to somebody else.
My soul is completely enslaved and rewritten by a man: who actually hates me and doesn't believe in my head.

Life is going down, down, down. The pain is getting very real and unbearable. The real slavery is leaving marks on my body. I feel like "my cup" and "my immortal soul" are dying because of this slavery.
And the Christian God, over and over and over and over: he is encouraging me to be "a common person" and to be "genetically weak" and inferior. He wants me to be owned by common men and to lose my soul completely.

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