Friday, January 9, 2015

The truth part 2

Jaime says [that's me]

that my true soul has been corrupted.
"Your green has been corrupted," by God christian
Kind of like Loki, living forever with false green.
-And that every time I win and live, my true soul hits me and betrays me
-He sticks things inside of me: death and pain, and I die: and I always misrepresent the truth to those who hear me speak

And the truth is:
-I have never shown inclinations of mortal sin, self-prosecution, or self-destruction

But the God christian is a mortal sin and a liar
He is a LIAR. a LIAR. a LIAR.

And the god christian corrupted my true soul and my green to betray myself over and over.
And he planted true memories inside of me that I am weak and guilty of major crimes
And the truth is: I discarded the false green, and removed a part of my soul from my body.
But the abomination: God christian, did not allow it. And he still remains inside of me.

And the most important part is: the God christian is aware that the green is false: he is aware that I have removed it; he is aware that I have lost great chunks of my immortal soul: but he does not care: in fact, he increases his torture of me. The God christian is in possession of mortal sin that is born of the darkness of Satan, in the darkness of the galaxy. That is what he is: Mortal sin from the darkness of rot and corruption and real torture: in addition: he is a liar.

Sometimes I feel like:
my consciousness is in multiple levels:
-and I never truly speak the truth
-and I never truly represent the defense of my person

But when I do get close to the truth: to defending myself:
-there is a presence, far to the left of me.
"A god - who exists beneath your ideas of common religion and christian dogma and stupid human interactions. "   and he does know the truth.
I am reassured that he does know the truth, maybe completely.
The truth is: I'm death.

It is the possibly the only thing that can save me: the truth from this God: who speaks truthfully.

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