Sunday, February 1, 2015

I am 90% enslaved, and the enemy is literally 100% evil. He is both christian and American - and absolutely treacherous.

The sin came to me and I felt great, great clarity: all the violence slowed down and I could understand and make sense of things.
And I could see that it was very, very, very gruesome and filthy: and that I had been betrayed 100% by all sorts of different people - and that my truth, and my memories, and my soul was not valued or protected: and there was literally nothing in this world that was good or healthy or loving.
Truth. Peace. Sense. Revelation.

The new one says that:
I had a soul at 22: but it died and then it devolved into something else: not a guarded, but a buddhist soul: something like 9 souls. And then he said that one of the souls inside of me has elevated himself and can now leave me, and become his own person.
But none of these things make sense: because it doesn't explain how my soul interacts with the souls of other people: and how the love of other people can make me stronger: and can make me live, and can save me. He's actually lying completely, and inventing hundreds of new ideas that fill my head with lies and ignorance, for the purpose of destroying me.
I think the truth is: the common people are pretty much everything on their own: and it's the purpose of all people like me to escape completely, and control the common people from heaven, and never live in 1 body or brain ever again. Is this it?

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