Monday, February 2, 2015

New William G conspiracy

MY head is very confused: and I have many different realities that exist inside of me

But there is a new reality just today:
real hell.
I can say truthfully and with destiny and with my immortal soul: Both the God of Christian and the USA government are literally 100% evil, and 100% treacherous: and they have removed all of the goodness and wealth of the world and completely corrupted the sacred truth of my inner soul.

The baseline of my life from now on: and the baseline of truth: is mortal sin. The things that happen inside of my head: and the punishment that happens to me and my body and my soul: and the weird noises and feelings that I can feel: that is the truth: that America is so absolutely filthy that the purpose of my life on this Earth is to alchemical torture my true soul 100% with lying, authority, torment, prison time, and medical experimentation: that is the highest thing that the honor of George Washington or America will ever do for me.

The baseline of my life: is that the angels and the government are torturing me completely for what happens in my mind: and the Catholic Church and the American government have already enslaved my immortal soul: and they are absolutely lying about the things of my body and the power and birth of my soul -- and the components and cells and mind that I was born with.

Conspiracy regarding William Gates jr:
2 emails in 2 days, from 2 different people. 1 Went through Spam, and 1 went to my address: both are related to Bill G, and both happened right around Feb 1st, which is the day I expected something smart to happen.

Email 1:
 Email 2:
I think this means 2 different things:
-My mail to Bill G was found, maybe on the news or the internet, and this email is directly caused by that.
-The people who know what it looks like inside my head, and can hear my voice: they sent this mail knowing I would see it and know how to interpret it -- goodly.

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