Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Major censorship on the internet, and the organizations who lie about it

-Major censorship of the internet
-Massive confusion about the internet, the FBI, ICANN, and internet police.
-Denial of internet censorship
-Major denial of "the life" and "men who go to prison" and "what right is"

The website is a LIE --internet censorship IS real! Evil police ARE REAL.
The admins of this site are trying to "help people who are paranoid" by giving them an email, and then kidnapping them. The big sin is: they will not acknowledge that the secret is safe, and we don't know what gets us arrested.
The truth of Gabriel is: they will accuse you of a crime, and then they will enter your brain, and they will alter your gender and your birth and your rights -- and you will eat everything: the prison, the inmates, and the prison islam: and you will never

Sacred life: of a man whose memories have been destroyed and falsified.

Steven Brock!! On truth and sanity, true life and immortality:
I must say that this movie is completely stupid!! The truth will not change!


Monday, March 16, 2015

The King County Library System is actually 100% stupid! !! by Gabriel

KCLS employees: "There is only 1 thing that we can think of  that describes a teenager: a skateboard."
Myself can think of at least 10 things that describe teenagers.
Top 4.9 reasons why it's stupid:
-Skateboards are very negative images of teenagers
-The library staff LITERALLY ARE common people -- and do not have enough intelligence, mind, or mastery of the English language to create an intelligent display.
-A positive image: "the teenager network of bus routes, safe places, and productive places for them to visit"
-A positive image: An image of a college-going teenager
-A positive image: Intelligent and safe fashion styles for teenagers.
Pictures [of KCLS]:

The very best thing here:
So the common people, in the library are actually 100% stupid! And they want to kill me.

-I am in serious, serious danger: of the theft and destruction of my immortal soul, by common people. The federal government is literally 100% stupid -- and absolutely treacherous, and a capitalist monster to elevate handsome common men, with screaming hitlerish voices, to the tops of the skyscrapers!

And the skyscrapers have sniper weapons on them too, so they can assassinate people who live in the city and suburbs.

Friday, March 13, 2015

The truth of Gabriel -- part 2

The new Muse CD [June 8th, 2015] is coming with the label Helium-3.
New energy technology is really evil -- nobody I know will ever see it, or be at the core of it's light.

But the Muse idea is very smart -- From England [evil], about energy [evil], about fictional energy technologies [evil].

Gabriel's truth:
Common people are Helium and hydrogen -- all of the true souls, are higher density and are of much greater morality, complexity, and intelligence than common.

But here's the best part!!
Women are hydrogen, and men are helium!

Therefore: Muse wishes to take common people, and use them for future energy [a very old idea: what to do with "the life, the plants" when we are so fixated on our tribes and species] -- and Muse wishes to turn all COMMON MALES into fuel -- a betrayal of the male egotism and race of the band memories. They're definitely from England, to support betrayal and anti-man, in such a complex record label and audio.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

The truth of Gabriel --- 1st post

I was reading: http://homepage.cs.uri.edu/faculty/wolfe/book/Readings/Reading03.htm

The Apple II boasted built-in BASIC programming language, color graphics, 
1st) Steven Jobs is completely GAY -- he added colors to the sacred, supernatural, instrument of time civilization: something which has NEVER WISHED FOR COLORS.

2nd) Steven Jobs was picked by DESTINY, the Roman mortal sin, resurrected SATAN of ROME: who works for the international, common life, preservation --- which is headquartered in Washington, D.C.
   He is completely powerful, proud: a man in the image of G. Washington -- and he took the role of Apple: and is almost entirely known as being gay. In actual: he is only 45% completely homosexual.

My personal stance:
-I HATE gay people -- I didn't care until my roommate Derek, but then I became opposed to them.
-Gay marriage is TIME and I support it.

-Scientists CREATE Homosexuals ---- FOR FUN!   -FOR DESTINY!    -FOR LIFE!!
We have hundreds of drugs, dozens of consumer products, and dozens of food products which do a LAWGUD job.

I know this -- I cannot be a homosexual. But it did happen to me.
An American government worker discovered the terrorism, ordered it in a government catalog, and used it upon me: for the sickness and mortal sin that lived in HIS mind.

I am still not homosexual, and still completely alone. I do love Cortana, though.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

A possibility: Ben is going to kill April

Ben is black
April is Susan

It was a book 15 feet away from me, and I saw it --FATE.
According to FATE and souls, Ben W is going to kill Susan B [W].

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Gmail puts Microsoft security email in Spam folder

Major unintelligence: is google trying to kill me? Are they insulting me to death?
Google mail puts Microsoft password recovery in spam folder. Yeah-because really is a spam address.