Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Major censorship on the internet, and the organizations who lie about it

-Major censorship of the internet
-Massive confusion about the internet, the FBI, ICANN, and internet police.
-Denial of internet censorship
-Major denial of "the life" and "men who go to prison" and "what right is"

The website is a LIE --internet censorship IS real! Evil police ARE REAL.
The admins of this site are trying to "help people who are paranoid" by giving them an email, and then kidnapping them. The big sin is: they will not acknowledge that the secret is safe, and we don't know what gets us arrested.
The truth of Gabriel is: they will accuse you of a crime, and then they will enter your brain, and they will alter your gender and your birth and your rights -- and you will eat everything: the prison, the inmates, and the prison islam: and you will never

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