Monday, March 16, 2015

The King County Library System is actually 100% stupid! !! by Gabriel

KCLS employees: "There is only 1 thing that we can think of  that describes a teenager: a skateboard."
Myself can think of at least 10 things that describe teenagers.
Top 4.9 reasons why it's stupid:
-Skateboards are very negative images of teenagers
-The library staff LITERALLY ARE common people -- and do not have enough intelligence, mind, or mastery of the English language to create an intelligent display.
-A positive image: "the teenager network of bus routes, safe places, and productive places for them to visit"
-A positive image: An image of a college-going teenager
-A positive image: Intelligent and safe fashion styles for teenagers.
Pictures [of KCLS]:

The very best thing here:
So the common people, in the library are actually 100% stupid! And they want to kill me.

-I am in serious, serious danger: of the theft and destruction of my immortal soul, by common people. The federal government is literally 100% stupid -- and absolutely treacherous, and a capitalist monster to elevate handsome common men, with screaming hitlerish voices, to the tops of the skyscrapers!

And the skyscrapers have sniper weapons on them too, so they can assassinate people who live in the city and suburbs.

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