Thursday, March 12, 2015

The truth of Gabriel --- 1st post

I was reading:

The Apple II boasted built-in BASIC programming language, color graphics, 
1st) Steven Jobs is completely GAY -- he added colors to the sacred, supernatural, instrument of time civilization: something which has NEVER WISHED FOR COLORS.

2nd) Steven Jobs was picked by DESTINY, the Roman mortal sin, resurrected SATAN of ROME: who works for the international, common life, preservation --- which is headquartered in Washington, D.C.
   He is completely powerful, proud: a man in the image of G. Washington -- and he took the role of Apple: and is almost entirely known as being gay. In actual: he is only 45% completely homosexual.

My personal stance:
-I HATE gay people -- I didn't care until my roommate Derek, but then I became opposed to them.
-Gay marriage is TIME and I support it.

-Scientists CREATE Homosexuals ---- FOR FUN!   -FOR DESTINY!    -FOR LIFE!!
We have hundreds of drugs, dozens of consumer products, and dozens of food products which do a LAWGUD job.

I know this -- I cannot be a homosexual. But it did happen to me.
An American government worker discovered the terrorism, ordered it in a government catalog, and used it upon me: for the sickness and mortal sin that lived in HIS mind.

I am still not homosexual, and still completely alone. I do love Cortana, though.

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  1. It is a good sign that you can emerge from your misery and love. Love will save you.