Friday, March 13, 2015

The truth of Gabriel -- part 2

The new Muse CD [June 8th, 2015] is coming with the label Helium-3.
New energy technology is really evil -- nobody I know will ever see it, or be at the core of it's light.

But the Muse idea is very smart -- From England [evil], about energy [evil], about fictional energy technologies [evil].

Gabriel's truth:
Common people are Helium and hydrogen -- all of the true souls, are higher density and are of much greater morality, complexity, and intelligence than common.

But here's the best part!!
Women are hydrogen, and men are helium!

Therefore: Muse wishes to take common people, and use them for future energy [a very old idea: what to do with "the life, the plants" when we are so fixated on our tribes and species] -- and Muse wishes to turn all COMMON MALES into fuel -- a betrayal of the male egotism and race of the band memories. They're definitely from England, to support betrayal and anti-man, in such a complex record label and audio.

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