Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Things that a person can say with great certainty:

The Earth is the God of the world. Earth, Geode, Terra.
Male and females are Godly in the world, and plants are also God. TIME is also God.
But no God born of one side of a planet can conquer the other side of the planet, and a messiah cannot cross ethnic grounds very well.

Earth is above the Christina Trinity, it's above the crucification of Jesus Christ, and it's above the resurrection of Christ.

I have seen TIME: Real Gods that exist in death and in the other side of the veil of death, protecting life and making it work, and providing mysteries to the people on the Earth who wish for supernatural things to happen.

Earth is highest, Gods [who are dead] is second highest, and living religious and magickal people are third in line.
Despite being powerful, no christian kingdom or empire or church can convert China to christianity, because it violates centuries or millennia of time in contradiction.
So. the God of the Christian Church cannot conquer more than one side of the planet and cannot make sides in territory outside of the land you can see,

We have to prove that the Earth is the God:
-It;s proven because empires and religions cannot leave their home continent and charm and bring in new members or bring it to them. But the Earth is above this. The Earth has humans with cities and nations on all of it's sides, and it keeps them separate end prevent trade, and allows them to live.
AND ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE EARTH: The Earth also has it;s men and women, and their children reproduction, and their masculinity.

The Earth has all of the forces of birth and life and souls and territories in hundreds of spots along the Earth, where the Earth can live will and promote it's opinions and strike forward.

And above all of this is TIME: The great near-infinite God of TIME.All of the things that require great sums of time to complete can be done with the God of Time .

We have to prove that the Earth is bigger than everything, and any God who isn't the Earth better have something as power that isn't directly related to the feats of the Earth that we've all seen, It would need to  be something  much smarter, like making a floating city, or living in towers with wind everywhere, and open to tornados.
If a God wants to prove that he is not inside of the God of the Earth, he would have to rise up and dominate the Earth and choose smarter application and ritual to find the required stunt to do,

How I'm going to tackle this religious challenge:
From the things I know that are always happening:
People are always working, they are always making children, and they are making descendents with their name and their plans and sins. But what does the person Jesus Chrust, or his church, do to these people? How do you intervene their working,making children, and the transference the destiny from one person to another.. What does a Jesus or a minister do about these things.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Mummification and the white matter of the brain

It seems very reasonable to believe that the white matter in the brain is like a soul, and contains memories. A person eats and drinks nourishment, and thinks and studies and works, and creates white matter and memories and life, and excretes waste. As a person gets older, their soul and white matter becomes larger and more valuable.
It also seems reasonable to say that 1 human being isn't significant, but the white matter and souls of hundreds or thousands of people, in 1 person or identity, is significant.
It's also reasonable to say that this process, of white matter removal from the brain and the creation of larger souls is thousands of years old.
It might be true that this process is protected by the US constitution and it's a very old concept, and it might even be something that was brought into christianity from Egypt, just because it's such a great idea and it's necessary to make true life.

But then why is it that I've never heard of it? And why is it that so many bodies are buried under the Earth, in graves, without their brains being removed and without the white matter of the brain being combined into larger people? 
Also, I consider it reasonable to say that the white matter and souls aren't put together randomly, but are actually only compatible with certain types, and it might even be a matter of soul lineage and soul generations.

I'm going to do more research on mummification, and will take this line of thought further. I feel though that this idea of White Matter is very old and I've already reached the end of it in other questions.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

A letter I sent to my representative

Dear Congressman,
I'm not an ordinary human, but I don't have a major religion or an affiliation with a church or organization that deals with super humans or special existences. My religion is scientific and a strong supporter of the Democratic party and the Republic of the USA.
My existence and my soul is much more important, larger, and more significant than hundreds of human souls. I feel at most there might be 900,000 people in the world with similar existences as mine, all through the past 2,000 years of human history!
Proof that I'm not human:
  1. I majored in biology for the future master's degree of Genome Sciences and Genetic Engineering! I am obsessed with expensive biology and modern major research, as it relates to curing the human of all diseases, staying young and curing death.
  2. I have continued along with my biology research and have learned many very significant and important things about biology that my university never taught me.
  3. I met an angel named Gabriel in real life, in a park, when I was homeless for a few days. He found me and it was a very mysterious incident, because I had never seen him before and I did not tell him where I was. I then spoke to a God who talked to me from a tree.
  4. I am obsessed with immortality, in any means possible and any means necessary.
  5. Sometimes I can feel a disconnect between my soul and my body, and I can use this to make spaces between the two, and eventually make power over my body. It's still in the early stages.
  6. I feel very strongly that it's a good idea to remove my soul from my body, and go to a heaven on Earth, where I can live and nourish myself better. I don't think it's good to be inside of a human body when there are just so many of them: billions at least.
  7. I think a higher existence than me might be hundreds or thousands of humans combined together into one soul, but I've never seen this happen on Earth, and I'm confused by funerals and how they waste the human body. I am obsessed with white matter in the human brain, and what it says about memories and souls inside of the brain.
  8. There's a camera behind my head, and a supernatural existence inside of my brain and in my memories. Sometimes I feel that I’m in a movie.
  9. I have a confirmed supernatural incident, where I saw something levitate and took pictures of it with my camera. I have proof of this and it was done by somebody who knew about my research and my new religion. The link to this is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0OooZkDidI
Now where do I go from here? I believe in the Republic of America, but I don't have enough money or direction to go forward. Can you assist me? Can I find an organization that believes in the same things as me? Please help me! Please help me!
From Steven J Brock-Chiara, Age 28 Male and Caucasian. tiberias@u.washington.edu  415-340-2615

Signs of true life

America knows that I'm not an ordinary human.
I bet that within the laws of America, there is a reason for me being stuck inside a human body, at the bottom of society, with no money and no Liberty. Some day I will inherit something, or be brought together into one existence and one soul - and it will be in the presence of the USA legal system that is centuries old and far, far smarter than me.

Signs of true life:
-Every time I've read something harsh or difficult, I've always believed it's something I will accomplish someday or will endure. This is a major sign of true life and something that sets me apart from the ordinary people of the Earth and the USA. Examples:
  • The books of Moses in the bible
  • A master's degree or higher at the university
  • Time in jail for slight offenses and unavoidable things

Other signs of true life:
-In the theater a couple days ago, I had a psychic and high-brain moment when I could feel my soul and how it interacts with my nervous system. I could feel a separation between my soul and brain and my hand, and I could try to identify to my brain and soul what my hand actually was, with writing and symbols. I was very pleased by this and certain that it meant I would be free of my predicament someday soon, perhaps within a couple years.
-I tried to create a soul inside of my mind: something that exists from the Earth and the Sun, filled with images and ideas that are common to millions of people in the USA. I believed my soul was all about North America, and everything I know comes from the USA and the English language.
-I felt it would be a really great idea to preserve all of my urine that comes out of my body, and refine it into the parts that should be re-digested and preserved, because it has life in it.
-After watching a VSauce video about living forever, I dissected 2 major things: 1) The cause of death is disease and 2) Life is sacred and life is strong, but we don't have a lot of it inside of the human body. If we could find the strongest things inside the body and make them stronger, and the weakest things in the body and nullify them, we might be able to become immortal and prevent disease. Somewhere in the body must be something HARD and central, the soul or the heart of the LIFE in my body.
-I can make a line of the slowest life, and the fastest life, from trees to bacteria, in my head. This is important because it's strong macro-biology.

New ideas about Terra and ZnTsukaima and Eugene Debs:
-I've never proven that my dream experience in Terra had ideas coming into my head from foreign sources, or was just something that existed inside of my brain, until now.
-I call myself Debsin, and I know 2 different people named Debs: Eugene Debs [Eugene is the city where my father lives] and Eugene Debs was a very famous Socialist Presidential Candidate from the Early 20th century. Second: Debs from the St. James Episcopal Church in Kent. I'm convinced this is important, and proof that my brain has external sources of information coming into it, not from my eyes, ears, or daily life.

Friday, June 12, 2015

New ideas about religion

-The United Nations created the state of Israel, which is the holy land of the Bible and also where Jesus was crucified. Doesn't this mean that the United Nations is actually God? It's completely excusable to believe the United Nations is God of everything, with massive power.
-Washington, DC is located between Virginia and Maryland, which means that it's "VIRGIN MARY." This is most important to Catholics, but is also very, very big to me. Maybe it means that christianity is a major force and cannot be stopped, so the US government panders to them. As for me, I'm still strongly considering Buddhism.

A big question that I cannot answer:
About the two Washington's.
What is the importance of Washington State and what do we have to do with the District of Columbia? Is it safe in Washington to not be a christian?

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

New thoughts about religion

I am terribly, terribly confused about religion.
Some things I'm struggling with:
-What does Seattle have to do with Israel, which is far, far away?
-What is the religion of our public figures in government?
-Why would I have the same religion as millions of common people?
-Why would I have a religion that is absent of money? Shouldn't I prefer a temple or a religion that pays me, or has a very rich temple or cathedral?
-The effects of LAWS and Civilization must be far, far stronger than religion. It might be that almost nobody has risen above the law, and we are all inside the web of fate and laws that is created by the USA.

I'm watching this video series and I'm very happy and amused:
Through the Wormhole 2
Some things I'm happy about:
-I can understand the truth and the untruth in the video. I can read between the lines.
-The first religions listed by this video were Buddhism and Hinduism. Christianity hasn't been mentioned yet.
-The whole video is about souls and death, but they talk about the universe and stars. This must be really important and directly related to souls and life and death.
-Some of the scientists actually present the opposite of the truth, but I can understand it just by using my past few years of experiences.
-I am making rules now, of truths that will help me rise higher than an ordinary scientist, and make reason and thinking and IDEA above the typical scientific education.
-I'm very reassured when I think about stars and the universe and true life. It makes me very happy thinking about the tremendous amount of stars and light in the galaxy and universe.
-My sense for science and hollywood production is increasing, and my intelligence has gone up recently. I'm also doing a tremendous amount of thinking about the topic of souls and death. My previous blog post is still correct [about removing the soul from the body] - mostly it's about finding a soul-city or world and most of the horrible fate of the Earth going away.

Monday, June 8, 2015

A very smart topic, and room for additional research

It is a #1 priority to get out of the human body. This is TRUTH.
I realized this today after I saw poor people, some of them with nervous disorders, who could never escape the declining condition of their body. This, in addition to knowing the sheer amount of people in the world - which makes it nearly 100% guaranteed.
My life is about GENES and MALE GENES, knowing that as I get weaker, I become more feminine and lose the gene of my birth, and lose my writing ability to be sharp and intelligent.
If the soul is like a worm, or an animal, then leaving the human body and going into a "soul world" or a "soul city" allows my soul to eat and nourish itself far better than living inside of this body. Plus, with the condition of my human life, I see no major reason why not. I live in poverty and it won't go away anytime soon.
I am a biology major and I feel that the process of the soul leaving the body should be something that I know about, or can figure out. Most likely, it involves going to a major biological research facility, or a SOUL CITY, and having my brain removed and my body dissected.

Some things to think about:

If it's true that my soul will be removed anyway, at the end of my life. OR IT'S TRUE THAT "all successful life forms find sanctuary before the end of their life, to get their soul removed" then there exists many facilities and organizations to do so, all over the world.
For my consideration, I have done a lot of shouting about souls, and made a lot of phone calls, the government already knows who I am and my condition, not to mention I've had a brain scan done at a major hospital [the UW Medical Center].
In addition, my use of the term "SOUL CITY" or "SOUL WORLD" is meant very highly, and is indicative of something very well protected, and very expensive, and with all of the power and privilege of being a soul on an Earth that loves souls - the immortality of the soul in a reasonable world, where good life lives forever. It's the opposite of a soul being trapped in a confined space: an ability to explore the entire world from within a soul city or world.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

June Update

These past 2 months have been very painful, and I'm not sure if I've gained anything.
I am really confused about christianity, and I really have no clue when I'm going to discover the truth.
I can't really believe that Christianity is important though, because I live in Washington State and it's at the very end of Graeco-Roman civilization. I'm strongly considering a Chinese religion though; Buddhism is very interesting to me.

My recent thinking has been about EARTH SOULS, and the Earth itself being God instead of any man. I think that Earth is very interested in territory, and that I personally have territory on this Earth, that can get bigger if I work on it. I have no clue what state of mind I'd have to be in for this to work.

My body and brain are not functioning well, but sanity is very strong in me. All of these questions I've been asking, have been thought well through and I'm sure that I'm getting closer to the truth.

My biggest questions so far:
-Who is it that is censoring all of my communications?
-It's completely imperative that I escape the common world very soon, before I lose my way.
-My soul inside my body must be small, but my entire existence must be very, very large. How do I put them together?

So Earth souls have territory on the Earth!