Saturday, June 20, 2015

A letter I sent to my representative

Dear Congressman,
I'm not an ordinary human, but I don't have a major religion or an affiliation with a church or organization that deals with super humans or special existences. My religion is scientific and a strong supporter of the Democratic party and the Republic of the USA.
My existence and my soul is much more important, larger, and more significant than hundreds of human souls. I feel at most there might be 900,000 people in the world with similar existences as mine, all through the past 2,000 years of human history!
Proof that I'm not human:
  1. I majored in biology for the future master's degree of Genome Sciences and Genetic Engineering! I am obsessed with expensive biology and modern major research, as it relates to curing the human of all diseases, staying young and curing death.
  2. I have continued along with my biology research and have learned many very significant and important things about biology that my university never taught me.
  3. I met an angel named Gabriel in real life, in a park, when I was homeless for a few days. He found me and it was a very mysterious incident, because I had never seen him before and I did not tell him where I was. I then spoke to a God who talked to me from a tree.
  4. I am obsessed with immortality, in any means possible and any means necessary.
  5. Sometimes I can feel a disconnect between my soul and my body, and I can use this to make spaces between the two, and eventually make power over my body. It's still in the early stages.
  6. I feel very strongly that it's a good idea to remove my soul from my body, and go to a heaven on Earth, where I can live and nourish myself better. I don't think it's good to be inside of a human body when there are just so many of them: billions at least.
  7. I think a higher existence than me might be hundreds or thousands of humans combined together into one soul, but I've never seen this happen on Earth, and I'm confused by funerals and how they waste the human body. I am obsessed with white matter in the human brain, and what it says about memories and souls inside of the brain.
  8. There's a camera behind my head, and a supernatural existence inside of my brain and in my memories. Sometimes I feel that I’m in a movie.
  9. I have a confirmed supernatural incident, where I saw something levitate and took pictures of it with my camera. I have proof of this and it was done by somebody who knew about my research and my new religion. The link to this is here:
Now where do I go from here? I believe in the Republic of America, but I don't have enough money or direction to go forward. Can you assist me? Can I find an organization that believes in the same things as me? Please help me! Please help me!
From Steven J Brock-Chiara, Age 28 Male and Caucasian.  415-340-2615

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