Monday, June 8, 2015

A very smart topic, and room for additional research

It is a #1 priority to get out of the human body. This is TRUTH.
I realized this today after I saw poor people, some of them with nervous disorders, who could never escape the declining condition of their body. This, in addition to knowing the sheer amount of people in the world - which makes it nearly 100% guaranteed.
My life is about GENES and MALE GENES, knowing that as I get weaker, I become more feminine and lose the gene of my birth, and lose my writing ability to be sharp and intelligent.
If the soul is like a worm, or an animal, then leaving the human body and going into a "soul world" or a "soul city" allows my soul to eat and nourish itself far better than living inside of this body. Plus, with the condition of my human life, I see no major reason why not. I live in poverty and it won't go away anytime soon.
I am a biology major and I feel that the process of the soul leaving the body should be something that I know about, or can figure out. Most likely, it involves going to a major biological research facility, or a SOUL CITY, and having my brain removed and my body dissected.

Some things to think about:

If it's true that my soul will be removed anyway, at the end of my life. OR IT'S TRUE THAT "all successful life forms find sanctuary before the end of their life, to get their soul removed" then there exists many facilities and organizations to do so, all over the world.
For my consideration, I have done a lot of shouting about souls, and made a lot of phone calls, the government already knows who I am and my condition, not to mention I've had a brain scan done at a major hospital [the UW Medical Center].
In addition, my use of the term "SOUL CITY" or "SOUL WORLD" is meant very highly, and is indicative of something very well protected, and very expensive, and with all of the power and privilege of being a soul on an Earth that loves souls - the immortality of the soul in a reasonable world, where good life lives forever. It's the opposite of a soul being trapped in a confined space: an ability to explore the entire world from within a soul city or world.

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