Tuesday, June 9, 2015

New thoughts about religion

I am terribly, terribly confused about religion.
Some things I'm struggling with:
-What does Seattle have to do with Israel, which is far, far away?
-What is the religion of our public figures in government?
-Why would I have the same religion as millions of common people?
-Why would I have a religion that is absent of money? Shouldn't I prefer a temple or a religion that pays me, or has a very rich temple or cathedral?
-The effects of LAWS and Civilization must be far, far stronger than religion. It might be that almost nobody has risen above the law, and we are all inside the web of fate and laws that is created by the USA.

I'm watching this video series and I'm very happy and amused:
Through the Wormhole 2
Some things I'm happy about:
-I can understand the truth and the untruth in the video. I can read between the lines.
-The first religions listed by this video were Buddhism and Hinduism. Christianity hasn't been mentioned yet.
-The whole video is about souls and death, but they talk about the universe and stars. This must be really important and directly related to souls and life and death.
-Some of the scientists actually present the opposite of the truth, but I can understand it just by using my past few years of experiences.
-I am making rules now, of truths that will help me rise higher than an ordinary scientist, and make reason and thinking and IDEA above the typical scientific education.
-I'm very reassured when I think about stars and the universe and true life. It makes me very happy thinking about the tremendous amount of stars and light in the galaxy and universe.
-My sense for science and hollywood production is increasing, and my intelligence has gone up recently. I'm also doing a tremendous amount of thinking about the topic of souls and death. My previous blog post is still correct [about removing the soul from the body] - mostly it's about finding a soul-city or world and most of the horrible fate of the Earth going away.

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