Sunday, June 7, 2015

June Update

These past 2 months have been very painful, and I'm not sure if I've gained anything.
I am really confused about christianity, and I really have no clue when I'm going to discover the truth.
I can't really believe that Christianity is important though, because I live in Washington State and it's at the very end of Graeco-Roman civilization. I'm strongly considering a Chinese religion though; Buddhism is very interesting to me.

My recent thinking has been about EARTH SOULS, and the Earth itself being God instead of any man. I think that Earth is very interested in territory, and that I personally have territory on this Earth, that can get bigger if I work on it. I have no clue what state of mind I'd have to be in for this to work.

My body and brain are not functioning well, but sanity is very strong in me. All of these questions I've been asking, have been thought well through and I'm sure that I'm getting closer to the truth.

My biggest questions so far:
-Who is it that is censoring all of my communications?
-It's completely imperative that I escape the common world very soon, before I lose my way.
-My soul inside my body must be small, but my entire existence must be very, very large. How do I put them together?

So Earth souls have territory on the Earth!

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