Monday, June 22, 2015

Mummification and the white matter of the brain

It seems very reasonable to believe that the white matter in the brain is like a soul, and contains memories. A person eats and drinks nourishment, and thinks and studies and works, and creates white matter and memories and life, and excretes waste. As a person gets older, their soul and white matter becomes larger and more valuable.
It also seems reasonable to say that 1 human being isn't significant, but the white matter and souls of hundreds or thousands of people, in 1 person or identity, is significant.
It's also reasonable to say that this process, of white matter removal from the brain and the creation of larger souls is thousands of years old.
It might be true that this process is protected by the US constitution and it's a very old concept, and it might even be something that was brought into christianity from Egypt, just because it's such a great idea and it's necessary to make true life.

But then why is it that I've never heard of it? And why is it that so many bodies are buried under the Earth, in graves, without their brains being removed and without the white matter of the brain being combined into larger people? 
Also, I consider it reasonable to say that the white matter and souls aren't put together randomly, but are actually only compatible with certain types, and it might even be a matter of soul lineage and soul generations.

I'm going to do more research on mummification, and will take this line of thought further. I feel though that this idea of White Matter is very old and I've already reached the end of it in other questions.

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