Saturday, June 20, 2015

Signs of true life

America knows that I'm not an ordinary human.
I bet that within the laws of America, there is a reason for me being stuck inside a human body, at the bottom of society, with no money and no Liberty. Some day I will inherit something, or be brought together into one existence and one soul - and it will be in the presence of the USA legal system that is centuries old and far, far smarter than me.

Signs of true life:
-Every time I've read something harsh or difficult, I've always believed it's something I will accomplish someday or will endure. This is a major sign of true life and something that sets me apart from the ordinary people of the Earth and the USA. Examples:
  • The books of Moses in the bible
  • A master's degree or higher at the university
  • Time in jail for slight offenses and unavoidable things

Other signs of true life:
-In the theater a couple days ago, I had a psychic and high-brain moment when I could feel my soul and how it interacts with my nervous system. I could feel a separation between my soul and brain and my hand, and I could try to identify to my brain and soul what my hand actually was, with writing and symbols. I was very pleased by this and certain that it meant I would be free of my predicament someday soon, perhaps within a couple years.
-I tried to create a soul inside of my mind: something that exists from the Earth and the Sun, filled with images and ideas that are common to millions of people in the USA. I believed my soul was all about North America, and everything I know comes from the USA and the English language.
-I felt it would be a really great idea to preserve all of my urine that comes out of my body, and refine it into the parts that should be re-digested and preserved, because it has life in it.
-After watching a VSauce video about living forever, I dissected 2 major things: 1) The cause of death is disease and 2) Life is sacred and life is strong, but we don't have a lot of it inside of the human body. If we could find the strongest things inside the body and make them stronger, and the weakest things in the body and nullify them, we might be able to become immortal and prevent disease. Somewhere in the body must be something HARD and central, the soul or the heart of the LIFE in my body.
-I can make a line of the slowest life, and the fastest life, from trees to bacteria, in my head. This is important because it's strong macro-biology.

New ideas about Terra and ZnTsukaima and Eugene Debs:
-I've never proven that my dream experience in Terra had ideas coming into my head from foreign sources, or was just something that existed inside of my brain, until now.
-I call myself Debsin, and I know 2 different people named Debs: Eugene Debs [Eugene is the city where my father lives] and Eugene Debs was a very famous Socialist Presidential Candidate from the Early 20th century. Second: Debs from the St. James Episcopal Church in Kent. I'm convinced this is important, and proof that my brain has external sources of information coming into it, not from my eyes, ears, or daily life.

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