Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Things that a person can say with great certainty:

The Earth is the God of the world. Earth, Geode, Terra.
Male and females are Godly in the world, and plants are also God. TIME is also God.
But no God born of one side of a planet can conquer the other side of the planet, and a messiah cannot cross ethnic grounds very well.

Earth is above the Christina Trinity, it's above the crucification of Jesus Christ, and it's above the resurrection of Christ.

I have seen TIME: Real Gods that exist in death and in the other side of the veil of death, protecting life and making it work, and providing mysteries to the people on the Earth who wish for supernatural things to happen.

Earth is highest, Gods [who are dead] is second highest, and living religious and magickal people are third in line.
Despite being powerful, no christian kingdom or empire or church can convert China to christianity, because it violates centuries or millennia of time in contradiction.
So. the God of the Christian Church cannot conquer more than one side of the planet and cannot make sides in territory outside of the land you can see,

We have to prove that the Earth is the God:
-It;s proven because empires and religions cannot leave their home continent and charm and bring in new members or bring it to them. But the Earth is above this. The Earth has humans with cities and nations on all of it's sides, and it keeps them separate end prevent trade, and allows them to live.
AND ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE EARTH: The Earth also has it;s men and women, and their children reproduction, and their masculinity.

The Earth has all of the forces of birth and life and souls and territories in hundreds of spots along the Earth, where the Earth can live will and promote it's opinions and strike forward.

And above all of this is TIME: The great near-infinite God of TIME.All of the things that require great sums of time to complete can be done with the God of Time .

We have to prove that the Earth is bigger than everything, and any God who isn't the Earth better have something as power that isn't directly related to the feats of the Earth that we've all seen, It would need to  be something  much smarter, like making a floating city, or living in towers with wind everywhere, and open to tornados.
If a God wants to prove that he is not inside of the God of the Earth, he would have to rise up and dominate the Earth and choose smarter application and ritual to find the required stunt to do,

How I'm going to tackle this religious challenge:
From the things I know that are always happening:
People are always working, they are always making children, and they are making descendents with their name and their plans and sins. But what does the person Jesus Chrust, or his church, do to these people? How do you intervene their working,making children, and the transference the destiny from one person to another.. What does a Jesus or a minister do about these things.

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