Sunday, July 26, 2015

Some weird proof of God, from the Reformed Church of God

I made a new friend, and he showed me this video on Youtube:
I'm on video two now, and I've finally found some proof that I like and enjoy, for the existence of God.

He was talking about DNA, the code of life, and how it had to have been created by a God.
The first thing I thought was that the purpose of DNA was to be completely efficient and to make as much life as possible, not about quality life or great human beings. I'm not sure if he disproved that.

But what he did say, that got my attention, is that "even the cleverest dog or chimpanzee cannot make out a code" and that was very substantial to me. Dogs and Chimpanzees have DNA, and the DNA is very similar to ours, but they don't have the ability to understand DNA or to code DNA themselves. This says to me that "God created life, and God created humans in his own image."
If Dogs and Chimpanzees cannot code life, if they cannot understand codes, then they're clearly not in possession of souls or of the quality of God. This idea will stick with me for a while.

Another idea:
-If evolution is true, then why are we alive at the seemingly end of evolution, instead of the middle of evolution? Why don't we see people evolving all across the world, progressing into different forms? Why was I born at the seemingly end of Evolution instead of the middle or beginning?
-If evolution is true, then why don't we have lots of different animals and observing them to see how they evolve to overcome their problems in the environment? Why don't we have primary species, and watch them grow or evolve to survive better and populate the Earth much more?

It seems to me, after this last paragraph, that God is either the human species, or the Earth itself. Or possibly an Earth/Human hybrid somewhere underground. 

Another idea:
-If everything in the world has a male and a female, then doesn't that mean that the God has both a male and a female? Or if it's higher than human, then maybe a triune of male/female/and something else? Who is it that explains to use both of these?

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