Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The movie "Noah:" it doesn't make any sense.

I had to stop the movie because Noah said "the taint is in all of us" about 10 minutes after he let about 1000 snakes go into his Ark. That's a very big confusion and problem. They showed images of the snake and the garden of Eden, implying the taint of the snake was in all of them.

Secondly, I just simply can't believe that all the descendents of Cain were evil. In fact, I think that all of the descendents of Adam and Eve were almost completely good and strong, and it doesn't even make any sense that Cain would kill Abel, as the 2nd generation of people in Eden. I think that part of the bible has to be false or made up. My hypothesis is that there was a war in heaven, of the people who were watching Eden, and that's why there was an altercation between Cain and Abel.

After the time skip, I was really confused when it showed Noah having 2 additional children. I wasn't sure who they were or what was going on.

This movie has some serious problems. My hypothesis is that "civilization has already fallen" for truth, anyway, and this movie is evidence that a Hollywood studio cannot put out a good movie about anything important. The truth is absent and there's nothing beneficial about watching this movie.
I'm undecided yet if I'll finish the movie.

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