Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The war going on inside of me

It feels like there is a war going on inside of me.
It feels like there is another person inside of me, and we're always fighting to go left or right. I always go right, he always goes left. I have very bad things to say about him, and his character, and the composition of his soul.
It's been getting really bad the past few months, and I feel like 1) my soul has ripped and 2) there might be neuron damage or brain damage because of the fight.
I don't know what will happen as a result of this, or if there's anything good about it. I feel as if it might be kind of good, because it's making my soul more loose, and that might allow me to develop soul abilities, such as the ability to eat and grow stronger.

I realized this yesterday: If there is something inside of my head that talks like the Lord Father, then it makes sense that it's actually inside of me [my brain and my head] and that I am part Lord Father.
But all of the things that we care about aren't inside of my head or my soul, but on the outside. We only care about external situations between one person and another.

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