Friday, July 24, 2015

There's a connection between my speech impediment and my soul.

There's also a connection between my speech impediment and my medication.
It seems like every day, I fight with a demon or monster that lives inside of me. I usually think of it as another lifeform that is living inside of me, and trying to steal my soul and my life power. I think of it as something that may have been with me for a long time, maybe even given to me by my creator.
Our fights every day are about left or right, male or female, and it's very involved. When using my brain, my power and my soul, it takes up many tens of minutes every day and lots of energy.

New idea:
-There is a God that we are born from, and there is a God that we see as we live in the human world. I'm very confused by monotheism, but I definitely don't think it's real. It might even be that the one God is just like a figurehead for a much better religion. I still won't forget who we named the days of the week after, and the planets of the solar system.

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