Saturday, August 1, 2015

A strange dream, and ideas about dreams

I had a long and powerful dream this morning.
I was aware of it while it was happening, but I couldn't really focus on it. It was like the part of my brain that it was going on in was different from what I normally use.

But I do know a couple things:
-The dream world is different from the real world; I own things in the dream world that I don't own in the real world. I remembered a previous dream from 6 months ago and still believed that I owned something, which is very surprising to me.
-The dream world is kind of like a different world and may be supernatural, like something that is actually very important but I don't consciously remember it very often.

I think that it would be very interesting to discover where the dream world is, how I relate to it, and what separates me from it. It seems like there's a part of my human brain and soul that is always in the dream world, although I've never paid too much attention to it.

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