Monday, August 3, 2015

Aliens are completely real

I've decided that the question "Is there life on other planets" is a psychology question, not a real one.
I think that there are thousands or millions of worlds with life on them.
I decided this after thinking about what a planet and a star are: a fusion engine converting matter to light and heat, while promoting elements; and a planet that accepts that light and heat to warm up the outer part of it's planet and atmosphere. 
If that is what is happening for millions of worlds in this galaxy, then it only makes sense that life could be happening on a great portion of them, if for no other reason than the star/planet system promotes life and makes it possible.

I also think that, if it is true that stars, satellites, and flight are the key to understanding life on other planets, then the Earth history may only be starting to begin on Earth, with the 20th century. Who knows what the truth is regarding all of the centuries and millennia of history that have gone by.

In addition, I think life is much more complicated than just a body and a brain, and I think that the dead people - people who have already lived and died, are a very significant force in the history of the Earth and what happens to me and my people. Similarly, I think the dead are very unfriendly to crime, and that is why our "justice system" is so horrible.

So to wrap it up:
-Aliens are completely real, and there must exist some sort of life on millions of other worlds.
-Because of the scope of life on a galactic scale, life must exist even after it's been extinct, somehow, and it must exist in the galaxy and on the planets it existed on.
-Dead people may be more significant than living people, and can control the world.
-Mysteries of life and the soul are extremely important and must be understood.

One more thing: I think that the question "Is there life on other planets" is a code phrase, and millions of people already know that life on other planets is completely real.

Signed, Steven James Debsin.

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