Friday, August 14, 2015

Animals which have souls, and animals which don't

Animals which have been bred to make meat, or to make milk, or to otherwise take away from there evolutionary ability do not have souls. Animals who are destined to live their entire lives in confinement do not have souls. The only humans who have souls are those who have special genes and special abilities, giving them a destiny in the world: to do something unique.

The soul seems to me, to be inside the nervous system. This is for me, a 28 year old man whose soul was put into his body around age 4 and has lived logically his whole life. Supplements to improve nervous system health are good for your soul. The soul is inside of the nervous system, and it might actually be good for the body to feel pain. The soul seems to like it, although it doesn't like major tissue damage. Things like being poked with needles and the pain of it seems to be good for your soul: it is probably doing something because of the pain it feels.

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