Sunday, August 30, 2015

I saw my soul today

I had just gotten into the shower.
I saw briefly for about 1 second a very dark dot out of my left eye. I have reason to believe that it was something I was seeing from inside my inner eye, not actually in front of my left eye.
The dot was black and very deep, and it was like a forbidden object. I sensed that this dot was actually the source of my mind inside of my head, and that it was something out of reach but was doing a lot of work. It was actually very scary, but I sensed it wouldn't hurt me. It seemed like it was very angry and very unpleased with my life over the past few months.

In the past week or so, I was reminded of my soul-experiments in the past. There was one major experiment that I had done, inside my visions, to see the true reality of the soul.
  1. The soul is inside a golden ball inside of our body. And the soul is completely controlled by "orders" and "rules" that are all over the ball, that the soul is being forced to read every millisecond. The soul reads the orders and makes memories, and cannot violate the orders. Removing restrictive orders and adding positive orders will make the soul more powerful, but will be less as intended by our creator. 
  2. The soul is like a little black man, at most about 2 cm tall and completely dense and solid out of soul particles. He lives inside of a room, similar to the golden ball, but more like a structure. In the room, he runs a particle gun that moves black dots into different lines. This is part of the structure of soul movement and thinking. There may be up to 4 different lines and the black man uses the gun to switch between different lines very quickly. He may be capable of switching lines in a millisecond or less. The entire room is golden and the man is dense black.
These two soul experiments are very highly valued to me, and when I was discovering them, I was completely serious and invested in them. It was using all of my concentration to discover these, and I did so with the full intent of my soul. In my experiments, I succeeded in changing the orders inside of my golden ball, and I also changed the man inside of the dot lines room.
Over the past week, I had been trying to go back into my golden ball, and discover the orders that are limiting me now. I think that my soul has so much power that it is capable of, and it is being limited from that by some unknown factor. I think I'm being limited by the constraints and limits of my creator, who designed my soul and put the original orders in it.

I have to say that I think both of these rooms are completely real, but nothing changed for me on Earth after discovering them and changing the orders inside of them. It may be that these are completely real, but exist on a different plane or different reality. I will never forget them though, or how much invested I am in them after discovering them. Again, they were high-resolution and I was exceedingly careful the changes that I made in them to only profit and support myself.

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